Our Story

Hanan Massalha is an Architect and Jewelry Designer whose designs are daring, chic and modern. During her intense Architecture studies, Hanan constantly found herself doodling geometric shapes as a tool for relaxation and concentration. Drawing each line was the result of a nearly meditative process resulting into exciting geometric shapes. So, her jewelry designs are basically inspired by all different types of geometric shapes.

Our Company
Hanan founded MIZYAN in 2015. The idea became a reality after Hanan started transforming patterns into parametric codes using different kinds of modeling programs, and making them actual products.
The first designed product by MIZYAN was a gold plated luxury table accessory inspired by the Arabesque patterns in the Andalusian Architecture. From that point on, Hanan has expanded her collection to jewelry and bookmarks. The business grew rapidly, and Hanan made the executive decision to invest full time into the Jewelry making business. It has proven to be a great success thus far, and Hanan is excited to take it to the next level with her extraordinary designs!
MIZYAN is sold at The Broadway Store (New York - USA), The British Museum (London - UK) and featured in Brides Magazine (UK) and House & Garden Magazine.